"Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat" Vintage Cap w/Adjustable Strap

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"Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat" Vintage Cap w/Adjustable Strap 

This eye catching ball cap is an extremely high quality unisex hat that is 100% cotton. Embroidery on the front of hat. It has a red, white, and blue American flag skull on the front with vintage distressing.

Color: Woodland Camo w/embroidery writing on front


Stylish & Breathable: The plush material provides a modern look while remaining breathable and comfortable to wear.

Great for Outdoor Activities: Provides protection from the sun and is excellent for outdoor activities. 

Durable Material: Constructed from a high-quality cotton to provide a long-lasting and durable hat.

Adjustable Size: The adjustable closure on the back allows for changing the size of the cap.

Material: Cotton