Tactical Drop Leg Holster (Black)


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Tactical Drop Leg Holster (Black)

This holster is built out of a durable tactical nylon, that is light weight, and at the same time, long lasting and tough. The holster has 2 leg straps, which are fully adjustable depending on the operator's size. The holster also has a quick disconnect buckle from the belt strap, which comes in handy in a quick detach situation. 

This holster can accomodate various handguns like: Glock 17/19, Beretta 92F, etc...

  • Rigid holster body provides added stability and allows for easy re-holstering
  • Internal foam layers provide added weapon protection
  • Dual gun holster thigh straps
  • Quick-release belt tactical drop holster attachment
  • Snap retention strap with velcro over-strap
  • Extra mag pouch on front with adjustable lid (can be used to store a small flashight, OTF or folding knife, etc...

(I personally utilize one of these holsters - loaded with a Glock 19 and a 6" large frame OTF knife in the pouch. Excellent product for the money and it's just the right weight and size for when carrying a lot of gear in the field.)