Smith & Wesson Pepper Spray Keychain

Smith Wesson

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Smith & Wesson Pepper Spray Keychain

Made in America and offered by one of the Most Recognizable Names in Self Defense!

This extremely effective Pepper Spray is 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units. Used and Recommended by Law Enforcement. Immobilize Assailants for up to ten to thirty minutes. Sprays up to (10) ten feet. Can be utilized on Multiple Assailants. It's practical and positive protection when you need it.

The active ingredient oleoresin capsicum (0.15-percent) is derived from hot peppers and affects the eyes, nose and entire respiratory system to restrict attackers from further aggression. This method of self defense is recommended and used by law enforcement and offers a fast acting way to immobilize attackers.

Smith & Wesson Pepper Spray contains a natural dyeing agent which will visibly mark an attacker for positive identification. Designed and intended for personal protection and NOT to be used as a weapon.

Simply point the unit at an attacker and depress the actuator button to cause severe irritation to the eyes, throat and skin. This unit has a 10-foot range (varies with wind conditions) and includes 0.5-ounces of pepper spray, a black plastic case and key chain quick release for access to your Pepper Shield at a moments notice. Made in United States of America

* 1/2 oz w/Plastic Case & Quick Release Clip Keychain

* Fire Red Hot Natural Pepper

* Oleoresin Capsicum Spray

* Extra-Strength Formula

* Every Batch Assayed by Chromatography

* Comes in a Blister Pack

This is one of the best and most effective pepper sprays we've seen. Get you some today!