FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions


Question #1: The other day I ordered a box of crackers from Amazon and I received it two days later. Why haven't I received my AR-15 magazine order from you just as fast? What's the deal Lucille?

Answer: In case you didn't know it, Amazon has a delivery guy hiding outside in the bushes behind your house - just waiting for you to order something from them. We generally ship out our regularly stocked items within 24 hours and we generally depend on the nice folks from the USPS to make deliveries for us. Sometimes they are fast, but unfortunately sometimes not so much. Unfortunately we don't deliver our orders ourselves. I wish that we had a personal delivery guy in a ghillie suit waiting outside in the bushes for all of your GET YOUR SIX TACTICAL SUPPLY orders, but unfortunately we don't. So enjoy another cracker and your shipment from us should be there soon.


Question #2: I ordered this muzzle brake for my .308 caliber Polish musket pistol and it don't fit. You ripped me off didn't you?!?!

Answer: It's extremely important that you read the description and specifications on our products (especially since were dealing with firearms) and more importantly - that you know the specifications of your gun. We list the thread pitch and bore diameter on the product page of all of our muzzle devices. If you purchased a 1/2x28 (5.56 NATO/.223 REM) muzzle brake and your barrel is 5/8x24 (.30 caliber), it's not going to go well for you. Don't assume because it looks cool in the photo, that it's automatically going to fit your firearm. If in question, we are always here to answer your inquiries about a product and/or build. Shoot us a message. We're here to cover your six.


Question #3: My significant other is cutting me off, because they don't want me buying so much of your gear! It's all your fault - what should I do?

Answer: Honesty and openness is one of the main keys to any relationship. Try to explain to them that buying awesome gun parts and a few different custom AR-15 builds from us is not a choice! You have to be able to protect yourselves from all threats both foreign and domestic and you need to be prepared with options and with plenty of firepower to do so. Get them out to the range and let them sling some lead out of that cool new build we just helped you construct. The flow of gear, gun parts and intimacy will return to normal.


Question #4: What's the best caliber to own in an AR-15 rifle/pistol? .300 Blackout, .223 Wylde, 6.5 Grendel, .350 Legend or 5.56 Nato?

Answer: By far, the most popular caliber is the 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem or Wylde. Personally, we recommend that you purchase a Neal Weaponry Custom AR-15 upper in each of the above calibers and test them all out for yourself. A man or woman always needs options. Get yourself a Multi-Caliber lower and all of the above mentioned caliber uppers will work with that solitary lower. Two pins pulled and you have multiple caliber guns to arm yourself with. Nothing like the smell of gun powder and optional size ammunition to provide the aroma. :-)